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Our Inspections

Snag Wise Ltd are one of the most comprehensive providers of professional snagging inspections and reports in the UK.

Why Snag Wise?

  • Our snagging/reporting process and software is unmatched

    When compared to our competitors, our processes come out on top every time.

  • Our thermal imaging service

    Detecting heat spots and through drafts with specialist equipment is included totally free of charge with every inspection.

  • Our reports are one of the most comprehensive on the market in the UK

    This is because we not only provide images and descriptions of each defect raised within our reports, but we have also integrated the relevant warranty providers standards in them too. This process provides the homeowner a clear understanding and visual to each defect raised within our reports and gives the developer clarity on how they should respond.

  • Our range of specialist high-tech equipment

    This allows us to carry out our inspections thoroughly and gather the necessary evidence for our clients.

  • Our award-winning and experienced snagging inspectors

    We provide a customer friendly and professional service to all of our clients, with their best interests at heart.

  • Our in-house ‘’Quality Control Team’’

    As far as we are aware, we are the only company to provide this as a part of the snagging process. Our Quality Control Team ensures that a quick but accurate report turnaround time is achieved for our clients. As we guarantee that all of our snagging reports are issued within 48 hours after the inspection or by the agreed deadline set by your developer.

Our Customer Process

  1. Our clients are either in the process of purchasing a new build home or have recently purchased within the last 2 years.
  2. Our customers have the option to book our services online via our Book Online page on our website, over the phone or via email.
  3. If our customers Book Online, fill out the Contact Form or Email us to make a booking, we will contact you on the same day to discuss what suits you.
  4. Once your booked in by one of our team, we will then confirm your booking slot and all of the provided details via email.
  5. The next stage is the ‘’Inspection’’. The inspection will then take place on the time & date confirmed with yourself.
  6. Once the inspection is carried out, the inspector will then format the report and pass this onto our ‘’Quality Control Team’’ on the same day, for finalisation.
  7. Once finalisation has been completed, the report will then be sent in a PDF format to the provided email address. (Our reports are always guaranteed to be distributed to our customers within 48 hours of the completed inspection).
  8. After your report has been received you can then pass this onto the developer.
  9. Once this has been passed onto your developer, you can then contact us anytime, to help answer any queries regarding the report, or to gain any further advice if required.

Aerial Drone Inspection Service

All our roof inspections are carried out using the latest drone technology, this is to ensure a thorough and detailed inspection.

Our drones enable us to record high resolution still or video imagery, in a safe and effective manner, identifying issues that cannot be seen from the ground.

All of our drone inspections come as standard and are included without any extra cost with our snagging inspections.

We hold a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for use of drone technology and all of our drones are fully public liability insured by Coverdrone.

Detailed Inspection of:


  • Roof Tiling, Mortar & Fixings
  • Fascia’s, Soffits & Barge Boards
  • Rainwater & Guttering Systems
  • Chimneys & Flashings
  • Rooflights & Skylights
  • Roof Vent Tiles
  • Parapet Walls & Copings

Thermal Imaging Service

All of our snagging inspections are carried out using specialist heat sensitive thermal imaging cameras to ensure a thorough and detailed inspection.


Our thermal imaging technology enables us to inspect certain areas within the property, identifying issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Detailed Inspection of:


  • Windows & Doors
  • Radiators
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Insulation